Nyasha Harper-Michon

‘Archtivist’, Architect, LinkedIn Top Voice Green, Business Strategist, Educator, Speaker, Writer

Nyasha Harper-Michon is a creative and strategic thinker who thrives at the intersection of design, business, inclusion, sustainability and technology. She is a self proclaimed ‘Archtivist‘—a term she coined for architects driving economic, environmental and social reform to foster positive changes in society and within the profession.

Nyasha is a LinkedIn Top Voice Green Europe and currently works as a Business Developer at UNStudio, an international architectural design studio. She has written columns and articles for Dutch magazines Azine and deArchitect, and has an essay published in Pakhuis de Zwijger’s book 18 perspectives on Designing Cities for All.

She is a board member of WomenMakeTheCity, a foundation working to foster inclusive, equitable and sustainable cities for all. Nyasha also teaches at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and the Technical University of Delft. Last year, she was also a jury member for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize 2021.

Passionate about supporting the health and well-being of people, place and planet, Nyasha is involved in various projects from the future of cities and technology to fostering diversity and inclusion within the architecture field.

Talks about #business, #technology, #architecture, #sustainability, and #diversityandinclusion

Discover more on Nyasha’s website and follow Nyasha on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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