Ofri Earon

Founder, Neighborhood Lab

How should we live today and in the future? Understanding how the built environment affects human behavior and wellbeing is of great interest to Ofri. For the past 18 years, Ofri’s work as an architect, urban designer, and researcher has been grounded in this connection between people and places. With a PhD in socially sustainable living environments, Ofri hopes to explore the relationship between social and physical components of urbanism, and neighborhoodism in particular.

Alternating between strategic and physical design, Ofri focuses on repairing, repurposing and revisioning existing urban areas to create thriving neighborhoods. In her projects, she addresses societal challenges such as: (1) increasing quality of life by understanding who the users are and creating inspiring everyday spaces for them, (2) preventing loneliness by building thriving communities with strong local identities and social cohesion, and (3) advancing social justice by incorporating strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ofri has recently stopped her position as Head of Living at Henning Larsen to start her own practice, Neighborhood Lab, which focuses on the strategic and physical urban transformation of anonymous residential areas into thriving neighborhoods with high quality of life.

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