Olena Oliynyk

Architect, Vice President, National Union of Architects of Ukraine

Olena Oliynyk is an architect and urbanist, Doctor of Architecture and Associate Professor of Architectural Department at The National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is also the Vice-President of National Union of Architects of Ukraine; corresponding member of Ukrainian Academy of architecture; member of ICOMOS (UNESCO); member of UNESCO-UIA Architectural Education Commission & UNESCO-UIA Validation Council., UIA Working Group Heritage and Cultural Identity Member, regional coordinator of the EU granted Project “Regional Cooperation for the Cultural Heritage Development” (2012-2014).

Her work involves design and research on both the architectural and urban scale, currently focusing on urban spaces, heritage preservation and historic cities development. Olena Oliynyk is an author of more than 20 urban development projects for the regeneration of historic city centres in Ukraine, the United States and Cabo Verde; many residential and public buildings.

As editor and author, she published three textbooks, seven monographs and more than 200 articles in different research editions. Her thesis for doctor of architecture’s degree was dedicated to the formation and development of urban public spaces.

Worked as visiting professor on Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology – March-May 2022, March 2023; Faculty of Architecture, Wroclaw University of Technology – November-December 2022.

She has State Awards, such as the State Prize in the field of Architecture of Ukraine in 2006; and Order of The Badge of Honor from the Kyiv Mayor – 2008. Professional interests: Cultural Heritage Development, Urban Public Spaces, Spatial Analysis; Stylistics of Architecture of the XXth century, Interior Design, Architectural and Interior Design Education.

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