Oliver Martin

Head of the Baukultur Section, Swiss Federal Office of Culture & Chair of the Davos Baukultur Alliance

Born in 1970, Oliver Martin received a Master’s degree in Architecture in 1998 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich. He continued his studies with a doctorate in technical sciences at ETH Zurich until 2002. Oliver Martin held various positions at the Federal Office of Culture until he joined its executive board in 2012 as head of the Baukultur section. Oliver Martin was a member of the ICCROM Council from 2013 to 2021, serving as president from 2017 to 2021. He is one of the main authors and promoters of the concept of Baukultur and the related Davos Declaration, adopted by the European Ministers of Culture in 2018, and is currently acting as chair of the new Davos Baukultur Alliance, founded at the Baukultur ministerial conference in 2023.

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