Peder Baltzer Nielsen

Architect, Consultant

Today, Peder Baltzer Nielsen is an independent architect with his own consulting business. Peder has 42 years of experience in strategic urban development, designing cities, urban spaces, involving citizens in urban planning and architecture.

Peder has worked as a City Architect in the city of Aalborg and before that in the Danish Ministry of the Environment where he worked with planning on both a regional and national level. Also, Peder has been employed by the Realdania Foundation, where he, among other things, worked on the establishment of Urban Development Companies and legal models for these.

Peder graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture in 1980. He has also been a member of the board of the Danish Architecture Center, the Association of Architects and the Danish Town Planning Institute, where he was the Chairman for a number of years.

Photo: Louise Dybbro

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