Philippe Capelier

Architect & Co-Director, UIA Social Habitat Work Programme

I created my architectural agency, in Montpellier in 1987.

The work of the agency in Montpellier began with commercial realizations, Agnès B
boutique, Mac Douglas, facilities for private clients, to access little by little to the
governmental order.

In 1998, the private practice was abandoned in favor of a limited liability company,
Blue Tango Architectures. The field of intervention of Blue Tango is mainly the institutional, public or private order, more rarely the work for private individuals.

We realize:

  • social housing
  • private residences
  • para-hospital establishments
  • sports halls
  • colleges and high schools
  • office buildings and laboratories

We have been working for several years on wooden architecture, houses and public

Besides my professional practice, my commitment to architecture has led me to
other important complementary activities:

  • I am an associate professor and lecturer at the “École Nationale Supérieure
    d’Architecture” of Montpellier, where I intervene in the workshops, and give
    theoretical courses on the history of architecture and other arts, the history of
    architectural theories and doctrines.
  • I was president, from 2014 to 2017, the regional council of the order of architects of
  • I am a member of the board of directors of the Syndicat de l’Architecture (Union of
  • In November 2018, the International Union of Architects appointed me as
    co/director of the Social Habitat Work Programme working group.
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