Shannon Battison

Director of architecture at The Mill: Architecture + Design; National President, Australian Institute of Architects (2022-2023)

Shannon Battisson is an architect with close to 20 years of experience in the profession, and a dedicated advocate for both architecture and architects. Graduating from the University of New South Wales, Shannon returned to her hometown Canberra, a city with a profound architectural legacy. Shannon began her career working with a small design and construct company with a strong environmental focus. Those early years taught her a great respect for the environment, an ethos of people centric design, and above all else a passion for the sacredness of home. Dedicated to working towards a world where all people have access to the essential elements of home (safety, comfort, and retreat) Shannon works hard to ensure these spaces are also climate responsive, affordable and joyful spaces to live in.

Establishing her practice, The Mill: Architecture + Design in 2011 with Interior Designer Sarah Welsh, Shannon has a proven history of designing climate responsive housing, and of supporting commercial clients to invest in human centric, healthy work environments.

Shannon is a dedicated advocate for the architectural profession. Since commencing her volunteer work with the Australian Institute of Architects (the Institute) in 2012, Shannon has carried out roles as Juror for the Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter Awards, ACT Chapter Councillor, Chair of the ACT Sustainability Committee and ACT Chapter President. Shannon is the Institute’s National President (2022-2023), is a Director on the Board, and has chaired multiple national awards juries including the Institute’s most prestigious award, the Gold Medal. Shannon has participated in international forums and most gratefully accepted the American Institute of Architect’s President’s Medal from the AIA National President in 2022.

Shannon is a dedicated contributor to her profession and regularly volunteers her time to ensure the benefits of good architecture are a valued part of the conversation of our cities. She enjoys public speaking, writing for varied publications, architectural photography and contributing to events that put good design into the hands of the wider public. Shannon is a passionate supporter of modernist architecture and works vigorously to share Canberra’s rich modernist architectural legacy with the public.

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