Srinivas Murthy G.

Architect and Founding President of Architecture and Design Foundation [India]

Srinivas Murthy G., a leading architecture and design consultant with a worldwide arena of professional engagement, is the founder and principal architect of his studio practice named SMG Design Inc. Since its inception in 1992, it has achieved many remarkable milestones both in professional practice and academic initiatives worldwide in the field of architecture, design, research and documentation and filmmaking.

Srinivas Murthy G., graduated with distinction, form the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 1991.

SMG Design Inc., has undertaken many prestigious projects in the field of Medical and Health Care, Museum Design, Tourism, Corporate and IT Infrastructure, Master Planning of large Townships and Academic Campuses.

Popularly known as SMG, he is a founding board members of the world Association of Architectural Organisations [AAO] Chicago, a network of likeminded design organisations dedicated to enhancing public dialogue about architecture and design.

He is Founding President of Architecture and Design Foundation [India]- an organisation dedicated to spreading awareness about values of good design and architecture in India.

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