Thomas Chung

Architect, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Thomas Chung is Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Thomas is a multiple international award-winning architect who graduated from the University of Cambridge. His early projects Value Farm and Floating Fields fused ecological design with socially innovative public space. Thomas’ countryside conservation research is driven by regenerative design and interdisciplinary action-research, forging partnerships that engage stakeholders to co-create rural resilience for well-being.

Thomas leads a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in architecture, anthropology, geography and life sciences, and is consolidating a CUHK research hub focusing on countryside-city regeneration. Recent and ongoing projects include: Project Plum Grove phases I and II: Experimental Restorations in Mui Tsz Lam; “From Valley to Plain” phase I funded by the Countryside Conservation Office; as well as “Regenerating Shui Hau” and “Regenerating the Landscape of Lantau Mountain Camp”, substantial conservation management agreement projects funded by the Lantau Conservation Fund. Looking ahead, Thomas and his team are dedicated to developing a viable stewardship model towards sustainable countryside futures for all.

UIA Public Spaces Work Programme

Public space is like an open space, that induces the communication among the users. It has several alternatives: can walk freely, having each one the right of going and coming,…
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