Tobias Hrabec

Senior Architect, Mjölk Architekti

Tobias is a senior architect at Mjölk architekti, a czech architecture and design studio based in Liberec, Czech Republic. He has earned his masters degree at Faculty of Arts and Architecture at Technical University of Liberec, where he also initiated a series of non-hierarchical student-organized workshops and subsequently ran for the position of the dean of the faculty.

Tobias has been with Mjölk since 2017, their interest spanning from small urban and landscape interventions to, more recently, larger residential projects. The studio’s mindset manifesting in professionality, bravery but also a little naïveté have been present not only in their professional work but also their local activities such as opening a communal bar, running a forest swimming pool or organizing a small urban movie festival.

Tobias is an active member of Multiversum, a collective responsible for various cultural events in the region taking place in otherwise abandoned or inaccessible venues centered around electronic music.

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