Torben Klitgaard


Torben Klitgaard is the CEO of BLOXHUB – a business matchmaking community, a co-working space and a research network hub for everyone who works within sustainable urbanization.

BLOXHUB bridges architecture, engineering, design, construction and digitization to develop and scale sustainable urbanization initiatives. Torben Klitgaard is a driving force behind the BLOXHUB activities, facilitations and programmes, which are designed to unlock and develop the full potential of BLOXHUB members’s growth through partnerships on both a national and international scale.

Torben Klitgaard has degrees in M.Sc in Economics, a M.Sc in Information Management and a MBA in construction and is a Wharton Fellow in strategic leadership. As an experienced executive, Torben has a substantial track record of working in the fields of government, management consulting, architecture, entrepreneurship and tech.


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