The UIA 2023 World Congress in Copenhagen will be the world’s premiere venue for sustainable, inclusive architecture and construction. Become a sponsor, and help move the world towards sustainable futures. We are looking for companies and organisations who want to support the goals of sustainable architecture, who want to position themselves as key players in making the built environment sustainable and who want to join in the worldwide conversation about sustainability and inclusivity.

The UIA World Congress takes place every third year with several thousand participants from all over the world. It was held in Rio in 2021 – postponed from 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Congresses comprise keynote speakers, master classes and seminars, research presentations, exhibitions, study trips as well as public cultural events and much more.

Architecture as the tool for change Under the overarching title “Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind”, the UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen 2023 aims at making architecture a central tool in achieving the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and establishing global sustainability practices across all architectural disciplines by 2030. Of fundamental value to the Congress is the UN pledge “Leave No One Behind”.

All disadvantages and deprivations that leave people behind should be considered across five factors: discrimination, governance, socio-economic status, shocks and fragility. A more inclusive architecture that allows access and use by everybody is not just key to achieving the SDGs, it is also an opportunity for architecture to rethink its potential and force, giving shape to human interaction and living. The congress is an exclusive opportunity to hear about, and share, the latest developments in sustainable solutions.

The congress provides the participants with the knowledge, power and tools to go out into the world and create sustainable architecture. Participants will get a unique opportunity to expand their network and collaborate with other visionary professionals in the built environment. We aim to take new, ambitious steps towards hosting a truly sustainable world congress. Steps that, in all aspects, reflect our belief: we must change business as usual and create more sustainable ways of hosting congresses.

We will therefore welcome and encourage sponsors that are engaged in our common mission to advance the achievement of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Through sustainable solutions on all levels – from the single building or an urban space to overall city and landscape planning – we believe architecture is key in creating a sustainable world.