The UIA 2023 youth committee is getting started

The UIA 2023 World Congress in Copenhagen will be a platform for the voices of the future. Since the future will be populated by the young, we must include their views, their ideas and their solutions to the issues facing us all.

There has been a generational shift in how sustainability and inclusion is perceived and accomplished, and all around the world, students and young professionals are turning their skills and energy towards creating a brighter, more sustainable future.

The only way we can achieve our goals for sustainability and inclusion is by including all voices and allowing all ideas to be heard. We want to create a forum where ideas can be heard across generational, cultural and geographical divides. We want to empower students and young professionals across a breadth of sectors and skills to come together, to work together and to create together. We want to provoke and critique entrenched positions and best practices, and play with ideas and solutions. We want global solutions, which means we need to involve the global youth, and show that their voices and skills matter.

The Youth Committee will create partnerships that will last beyond the scope of the congress. We want to create a collective platform for youth, that can keep creating new partnerships, keep collaborating and keep the work going far beyond the end of the UIA 2023 World Congress.

The Youth Committee

Line Luna Thygesen, project lead for the Youth Committee, is initiating a wide range of activities and challenges leading up to the congress. The Youth Committee will send out an open call for participation during 2022, that will focus on the following areas

Empower: to create more space and influence for young people

Impact: to create results that impact praxis, and increase sustainability

Collaborate: to create more international collaborations, and bridge the gap between students and professionals

Provoke: to challenge the status quo, and show new solutions and ideas to the challenges we face

Play: to create a lab and knowledge hub, where trying new things and learning from mistakes is encouraged and supported

If you want to know more, or if you have a good idea for the Youth Committee, please contact project lead Line Luna Thygesen