UIA World congress copenhagen
    july 2-6, 2023


    Our goal is to promote, discuss, create and showcase architecture as a vital tool to achieve the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. We will share sustainable solutions, examine the latest research results and join our efforts to make the 28th UIA World Congress a milestone in the history of what architecture can do to help save the planet. 

    In this sense, the UIA World Congress of Architects in 2023 has already begun, and you are invited to join us in Copenhagen, July 2-6 in 2023. 


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    CASE STUDIES The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion, Norway
    CASE STUDIES The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion, Norway

    Watch our video presenting the UIA 2023 World Congress

    We have created a video that showcases some of the challenges faced by architecture.

    The UIA 2023 World Congress will focus on how architecture can create a more sustainable future - a future that is inclusive and leaves no-one behind.

    The challenges are great, but the UIA 2023 World Congress in Copenhagen will gather some of the greatest scientists and practioners within architecture from all around the world. Together, they will try to answer to the most pressing questions facing architecture.

    Copenhagen welcomes you

    Copenhagen is ranked as one of the most livable and bicycle-friendly  cities in the world. As venue for the UIA World Congress in 2023, Copenhagen provides a unique combination of culture, tolerance, safety, global connectivity, well-functioning public transport, green spaces and high-quality architecture. 

    Stay a while

    We hope that you will spend time with old and new colleagues, as well as the Copenhageners, during the week-long congress. We also hope that you will stay a little longer so you can enjoy more of the Northern hospitality, architecture, culture and nature, and get the most out of your travel expenses and the carbon footprint you made to get here. Some of our Nordic neighbours are less than 20 minutes away and the summer-dressed cities and marvelous landscapes of Denmark are just outside the Copenhagen city borders. 

    Explore the Nordics

    Nordic architecture, design and planning is already held in high esteem and enjoys admiration worldwide. Danish and Nordic businesses and research institutions have a long-lasting tradition of sustainable solutions for the building and construction industries. Efforts to realize this ambition are constantly increasing in the Nordic countries, and there is much to show - and much to see. You can travel by train to Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki directly from the Central Station in the city centre of Copenhagen.

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    How can
    contribute to
    the 17 UN Goals?

    Architectural solutions are already here, everywhere, contributing to sustainable communities and quality of life. However, the built environment is also a part of the current challenges – a major consumer of energy and natural resources, and producer of waste. 

    More on Goals and Architecture
    CASE STUDIES Øvre Forsland Hydropower Plant, Norway
    CASE STUDIES Øvre Forsland Hydropower Plant, Norway
    CASE STUDIES The Wadden Sea Centre, Denmark

    that contributes to
    the 17 UN Goals

    CASE STUDIES The Wadden Sea Centre, Denmark

    Join our case collection

    Our ambition is to expand the case studies with more architectural cases from all over the world. We invite you to submit your realised project, with a short description, to join the case collection. 

    Submit your project

    Science Mapping: Sustainable Architecture

    Our science mappings assemble a both international and Danish overview of research within the field of sustainable architecture. Globally, the efforts for sustainable development vary greatly depending on site-specific differences like geographical location, climate, inequality and social relationships. It is important to look at all the diverse ways architecture can be used as a driver for achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals; these mappings work to inspire new ideas and collaborations, and to re-think what architecture can be.

    These are the second versions of the mappings. They will be updated as we collect more information on people working within the field of sustainable architecture. Any questions should be directed to sciencetrack@uia2023cph.org

    Download the international mapping Download the Danish mapping

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