Next Gen Keynote with Nyasha Harper-Michon & H.Y. William Chan: How to Make an Impact

Speakers: Nyasha Harper-Michon & H.Y. William Chan Master of Ceremonies: Connie Hedegaard

In recent years, we have seen a rise in young activists within various disciplines, including the environmental field, as well as architecture and urban planning, raising awareness, inspiring action, and rallying support for a better future. They are driven by a passion for challenging the status quo and empowering people, companies, and policy makers to address the global issues concerning us all. But above all, they are determined to make an impact and drive the transition to an inclusive and sustainable built environment. This session addresses the need for activism in architecture, with important conversations and insights from three influential activists and change makers, Jerome Foster II, Nyasha Harper-Michon and Councillor H.Y. William Chan, who are using their voices to drive action towards making an impact in tackling the climate challenges we face.

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