How Can architects be sustainable changemakers?

The challenges facing architects are growing bigger. Changing demographics, pressures on resources and the multiple crises of environmental degradation force architects to go beyond their comfort zone and stretch their powers of imagination. And it’s far from one size fits all. Solutions must be customized for different geographies and cultures, and change must happen along the whole value chain of the built environment and at every scale.

From the “Leave No One Behind” ethos of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals to the “Beautiful, Sustainable, Together” vision of initiatives like the New European Bauhaus, we ask a panel of international architects how these challenges are changing the profession, how architecture can create value and what architects may do to practice leadership through co-creation in a rapidly changing environment.


Vibeke Grupe Larsen

PhD Researcher – Circular economy and SDGs, Danish Association of Architectural Firms
More speakers to come…