Why Architects matter – Social value as a factor in the valuation of the built environment

Social values of building stock can be defined as the attractiveness, originality, historical environment and cultural history of buildings, as well as the feeling of identity and wellbeing that people can derive from living and thriving in environments of attractive facilities. This causes various effects that can be classed as social impacts. The social values in the built environment should be considered economic impacts that need to be assessed or evaluated to ensure the actual quality of the environmental and economic components for the owners and users of buildings.

The architectural profession plays a crucial role in designing, evaluating, and verbalizing social value creation as a scale for the quality of the built environment. We have invited Flora Samuel, University of Cambridge, to deliver a keynote speech on the topics of social value creation and why architects matter, and to discuss the aspects hereof with a panel of specialists on social value creation from Danish architectural companies, namely Helle Lis Søholt (Gehl), Yalda Pilehchian (Henning Larsen) and Janet Cohen Muntz (Christensen & Co). The session will be moderated by Vibeke Grupe Larsen (Danish Association of Architectural Firms/University of Southern Denmark).


Vibeke Grupe Larsen

Architect and PhD Researcher, The Danish Association of the Architectural Firms / University of Southern Denmark

Flora Samuel

Architect and Professor of Architecture at the University of Cambridge, UK

Janet Cohen Muntz

Master of Inclusive Architecture and Universal Design Specialist, Christensen & Co


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