Turning Waste To Architecture

How can discarded windmill wings, synthetic textiles, worn-out windows, and various other waste materials be transformed into beautiful and functional building elements? In this session, the pioneering architectural studio Lendager invites you to delve into their innovative work, focusing on their existing and upcoming projects. By providing you with a real-time glimpse into their process, they showcase how they convert waste into valuable resources for building materials, all while maintaining high standards of aesthetics, affordability, and quality.

Lendager’s unique approach is rooted in a collaborative work style that transcends disciplinary boundaries. As the team tackles each project challenge, from initial visionary concept to tangible realization, Anders Lendager will openly share valuable insights and lessons learned from their extensive experience. Anders will shed light on Lendager’s achievements such as Upcycle Studios, The Resource Rows, TRÆ, Karstadt, and more, providing an in-depth exploration of their architectural endeavors.



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