OBEL AWARD Talks: MENDING – Creative Mending Through Climate-Positive Construction or Design

Mending within the built environment can be applied to many circumstances and involve different actions. It does not only transform the physical but can also impact other aspects of society. Mending embodies proposals and processes that can be adjusted to local culture, conditions, and needs, and places each global citizen at the heart of their own city, enabling them to thrive. The OBEL AWARD jury stated that “planet needs creative mending and wholly new ideas. Architecture can and must develop alternative and sustainable uses of space; new and innovative materials; holistic design approaches and construction methods, to name a few. It can and must develop climate-positive solutions in building on an available level. Architecture can and must offer new and daring solutions”.

If mending implies caring for and improving something that is weak or in danger, can architects ‘mend’ the climate? If not, what is their role? How can local materials and techniques be understood, evaluated for their sustainability and used effectively? These are some of the questions that will be addressed by the experts at the panel discussion.


Xu Tiantian

Architect & Founding Principal, DnA_Design and Architecture

Reinier de Graaf

Architect & Partner, Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)


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