The Nordics: Collaborate for a Regenerative Future

To handle our common future, we have to look into the visions of a a regenerative future and how we will accelerate the needed transformation. One thing is for sure – we need to collaborate.

The session will begin with a future perspective from the youth and then Ministers from Norway, Iceland and Sweden together will take the stage and tell their visions for the future and how politics, architecture and design can make a difference.

The Nordic architectural associations will together with Nordic Council of ministers conclude by debating how architects can contribute to accelerating the necessary transformation.

Key questions:

  • What is the vision for a regenerative future?
  • How do we accelerate the transformation?
  • What is the biggest possibilities when it comes to architecture and business development, connected to sustainability and circular economy?
  • How can architecture serve as a driving force for local value creation, promoting citizen as well as visitor attraction in interaction with nature?
  • Is there a link between architecture, culture, and sustainable local communities – can architecture provide a framework for quality of life?


Elise Sydendal

Climate activist in the Green Youth Movement and member of the Danish Youth Climate Council

Asko Takala

President, Finnish Association of Architects

Ida Heimann Larsen

Head of Department for Growth and Climate, Nordic Council of Ministers


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