Remarks from Thomas Vonier about COP26

After the COP26 Conference, Thomas Vonier FAIA RIBA UIA / Immediate Past President, has the following remarks about the future and responsibility of sustainable architecture:

“Architects participated in COP 26 so that government officials and policymakers could learn about novel approaches and innovative ideas. Architects from all over the world joined in seminars organized by the Nordic Pavilion. These addressed compelling topics: ways to redesign and adapt cities to be more inclusive and resilient; ways to conserve energy resources at the urban scale; ways to regenerate natural environments; and ways to recycle materials and buildings.

“Overall, the Nordic Pavilion sessions addressed how architecture and urban design are helping to meet the global challenges set forth in the UN Habitat New Urban Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“These sessions became a meeting point for new initiatives and people deeply committed to making global reforms. That was one of the greatest aspects of COP 26. The Nordic Pavilion programs were both live and livestreamed, which allowed them to involve hundreds of participants. Through posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, thousands more people learned about ideas and work from the UIA, the AIA, the RIBA and many other organizations.

“Participants also learned that points will be reinforced by the 2023 UIA World Congress of Architects, to be held in Copenhagen, and during Copenhagen’s stature as the UNESCO/UIA World Capital of Architecture.”

— Thomas Vonier FAIA RIBA

UIA / Immediate Past President

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