NEXT GEN: Circular Economic Perspectives on Data-Driven Social Change

Going from a linear to a circular mindset is a huge transformation in the built environment, which can only be successful with an innovative approach and through partnerships for change.

The panel will address the circular economic paradigm from a global perspective, presenting three different circular solutions based on data:

  • Today the built environment uses one LCA method, but will this be enough to ensure a circular transition? Industrial research indicates that this is by no means enough – but how many do we need, and which ones are the right ones?
  • What does a digital solution which aims at creating an integrated, scalable, and cost-effective circular value chain offer to the construction industry and how does it ensure the circular transition?
  • How do we transform the informal waste supply-chain in cities in the Global South?

Will circular economy ensure social mobility in a global context? Do data-driven solutions ensure accountability? Do data-driven solutions enhance the transition to circular economy in the built environment? Can transparency and accountability ensure social change? These are some of the questions we will explore in this session.

Sessions labelled with Next Gen are curated by students and young professionals.


More speakers to come…


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