Pernille Berg

Dr. Pernille Berg, Science Director, Bloxhub

Pernille Berg is passionate and experienced when it comes to leadership, research, innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Pernille has worked extensively with research and innovation throughout her career. From establishing incubators for student startups and startups to creating applied research communities. Pernille has extensive experience with creating new educations, new learning communities and environment, and international collaborations, incl. EU projects’ steering group responsibilities. Furthermore, Pernille has experience in developing fundraising strategies as well as project portfolios. Pernille is a staunch advocate of network collaboration, social innovation, knowledge-sharing and ideation.

Pernille has throughout the years been a keen moderator on the international scene addressing sustainability, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As part of BLOXHUB’s vision to ensure the development of sustainable cities Pernille is responsible for running the programme Science Forum which entails research networks, BLOXHUB Academy and Science Talks.

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