Next Gen: Transition into Sustainability Practices – The First Years

Are there direct ways to impact?

The young generation do not wait for the established industry to move into a more sustainable practice. Some take immediate action, even before they set up on their own.


This session presents four different stories, that set an example, point in a sustainable direction. They present four different takes on how to put an agenda into life, at an early stage of their career.

What made these architects move? In the reflectional dialogue, the speakers consider how their background supported their choice of path, or what experiences pushed them in the named direction.

This is session #1 of two coherent sessions for architectural students and young professionals. You can participate in both or choose one of them. Session #2 is NEXT GEN: EDUCATING FOR A SUSTAINABLE ‘NOW’ – SUSTAINABILITY CURRICULUM WORKSHOP FOR STUDENTS AND NEWLY GRADUATED.

Sessions labelled with Next Gen are curated by students and young professionals.


Haakon Haanes

Architect, urban planner and co-founder of Nøysom arkitekter


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