NEXT GEN: Educate for a Green Transition in Architecture and beyond

The significance of lifelong education and knowledge sharing across different fields of the built environment cannot be overvalued. Cross-disciplinary cooperation in both the educational system and professional practice is necessary to bring us from good intentions to actual change.

In this session two panels will discuss a new educational paradigm for the green transition. The first panel sheds light upon the educational institutions: exploring potentials and challenges in modern education of the next generation of architects, engineers, constructors and builders.

The second panel focusses on the professional building industry stakeholders: spanning from well-established firms and decision makers, to building activist and grassroot movements, all striving to make real change happen.

In the search for future professional roles, the aim is to promote exchange and challenge the conventional value chain in the built environment. Best practice examples and visionary behavioural research will be introduced.

What do we want? Do we speak the same language, do we see the same issue? We need to leave no one behind, preparing for a future within the planetary borders.

Sessions labelled with Next Gen are curated by students and young professionals.


More speakers to come…


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