Markus Wikar

Founding partner, Geometria Architecture

Markus Wikar is a co-founder of Geometria Architecture, a company that focuses on computational design methods to explore new architectural styles and aid companies in managing complex projects through design and fabrication modeling. Utilizing algorithm-aided design techniques, Markus and his team at Geometria Architecture specialize in creating fabrication-ready 3D models and production data for large-scale projects. Geometria collaborates closely with architects, engineers, fabricators, and builders to ensure the successful execution of projects.

Additionally, Markus has worked on wood construction projects in Finland and other countries, experimenting with new digital design and fabrication techniques. To produce distinctive and original designs, Markus and his colleagues integrate Nordic architectural traditions into their design and fabrication techniques.

Before starting Geometria Architecture with Toni Österlund, Markus worked as an architect and educator.

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