Re-Neighbouring – The Power of Living Together

Taking a social perspective on rethinking resources, we present Re-Neighborhing, a collaborative project between Henning Larsen (HLA), the Royal Danish Academy (RDA) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The project unifies academia and practice to rethink and improve neighborhoods to heighten social cohesion, quality of life, and communities. Re-Neighboring is about re-connecting, re-arranging, re-organizing social life in existing neighborhoods, as we investigate what sustainable togetherness is.
The session aims at discussing the following questions:

  • How can we optimize resources in existing neighborhoods to strengthen social cohesion and enable new models for social synergies?
  • How, where and to what extent can we empower an existing neighborhood, socially and economically?

The session will start with inspiration about the topic presented by the students, professors and architects from RDA, MIT and HLA. Afterwards a panel will debate the international perspectives of Re-Neighboring, future challenges, and potentials.


Ofri Earon

Head of Living, Henning Larsen Architects
More speakers to come…