Re-Neighbouring – The Power of Living Together

Re-Neighboring is a collaborative platform between The Royal Danish Academy (RDA), Henning Larsen (HL), Neighborhood Lab and Rambøll. Our partnership enables us to explore the complexities of neighborhoods by combining research, theory, and practice.

As cities, neighborhoods, and homes are mostly already built, our project aims to investigate how to “re-neighbor” existing areas into sustainable living environments of the future. We strive to better understand the dynamics of neighborhoods, including how people live alone and together, how to create thriving communities for all, and how to empower local culture and qualities.

Ultimately, our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the role neighborhoods play in urban structure today. Well-functioning neighborhoods are critical to citizens’ behavior, social relationships, and sense of belonging. These positive effects on individuals and communities are essential to society’s well-being.

Through Re-Neighboring, we will assess existing neighborhoods to determine the extent to which they achieve these positive social effects, how and to who. With this knowledge and the help of students, we will develop new visions, tools, and prototypes to promote Re-Neighboring in the city. Our project’s outcomes will inspire future projects and research at HL, Ramboll, and the entire building industry.

Students and teachers from the Royal Academy School of Architecture Masters programme “Political Architecture, Critical Sustainability” will contribute to the session:

  • Freja Kjer Nemming
  • Laurits Honoré Rønne
  • Marie Jul Scharff
  • Rotem Ben Joya
  • Ye Tong
  • Muzi Li
  • King Him Obed Cheung
  • Long Ting Yu
  • Sofia Hesselstrand
  • Wing Sze Ng
  • Tom Silbiger
  • Kim Josée Colette Gubbini
  • Harry Coxhead
  • Thomas Arbuckle


  • Niels Grønbæk
  • Beata Hemer
  • Dag Petersson
  • Daniel Serafimovski


Gustav Brade

Director for Strategic Urban Development, Henning Larsen


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