Carlo Volf

Architect, Senior Researcher and head of unit at Capital Region´s Built Environment, New Interventions in Depression

Carlo Volf is an experienced architect within various aspect on biobased building material and have a Ph.D. and engaged in the research topic between Light, Architecture and Health.

Carlos research have centered around daylight as a driver for health, artificial dynamic LED-lighting as a driver for health, natural ventilation as a driver for health. Architectural planning and research. Development and clinical testing facilities and development of novel non-pharmacological treatment methods in depressive disorders primarily by use of chronotherapeutic methods such as daylight, bright light therapy, sleep timing, and electronic monitoring, to sustain circadian rhythms and improve mood and sleep. Clinical testing based on evidence based psychometric assessment of clinical state, and randomized controlled clinical trial design (RCT).

Current board member of Society for Light and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR). Founding member of the Daylight Academy in 2016.

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