Søren Nielsen

Architect & Partner, Vandkunsten Architects

Søren Nielsen is architect and co-owner of Vandkunsten Architects in Copenhagen, one of the country’s leading socially and environmentally engaged offices. Responsible for Vandkunsten’s R&D activities, Søren is devoted to design strategies for sustainability, in particular resource protection, building transformation and the social, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of reuse. With 35 years of practice, he has been the leading force behind multiple innovative projects for affordable housing, adaptability, circularity, and the use of biogenic materials.

Søren is an enthusiastic lecturer, speaker and essayist, a frequent participant in professional and political debates, and a strong proponent for urgent climate action within the building industry. He received his M Arch from the Royal Danish Academy, where he holds a position as external lecturer along with numerous international teaching activities.

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