Dr Chris Luebkeman

Leader, Strategic Foresight Hub, ETH Zurich

Dr Chris Luebkeman is the Leader of the Strategic Foresight Hub in the Office of the President at ETH Zurich. This recently established Hub is a team which engages a broad range of stakeholders concerning future focused drivers of change. Dr Luebkeman is a member of the nominating committee for the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, the external advisory board of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, and the Brain Trust of the Climate Music Project. Prior to the Strategic Foresight Hub, he was a corporate intrapreneur at the global engineering consultancy Arup (London). He joined them in 1999 as the Director of Research and Development and founded the Foresight, Innovation and Incubation team three years later. Dr Luebkeman has taught Studios on Design and courses on technology at MIT, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the University of Oregon. He has spoken at TED conferences and hosted conversations for WEF. He holds a doctorate in architecture from ETH Zurich and a Master’s degree in civil engineering from Cornell University.

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