Eirik Bruun

Newly graduated, Landscape Architecture

Eirik Bruun recently graduated his master’s in landscape architecture spc. Urban Design at Copenhagen University with a thesis on nature-based solutions for urban resilience in post-Industrial Heritage Landscapes.

“As urbanization keeps increasing, the battle for space in cities intensifies. While cultural forces and political ambitions seemingly push for greener and more liveable cities, the number of square meters still reserved for automobiles in the urban fabric testifies to an outdated urban space hierarchy. If I could change one thing in my city, Copenhagen, it would be to limit the car’s presence in the city and reallocate the space to nature-based solutions that promote human health and well-being, strengthens biodiversity and mitigates the effects of climate change. To accelerate this change, I would ask for help from true urban experts, the prominent local voices who have passion and ambition for their community´s future. Together, we shall give form to a cityscape that prioritizes all life.” – Eirik Bruun

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