Ivana Veselinova

Technical Researcher, RIMOND

Ivana Veselinova, a Building Engineer coming from Macedonia, is a Technical Researcher at RIMOND. Her academic journey at The Polytechnic University of Milan and research activities at INSA Lyon, have equipped her with a solid foundation to tackle complex challenges present in structural engineering, energy efficiency and monitoring of buildings. Ivana joined RIMOND Innovation Lab as a technical researcher wanting to explore the practice of a multidisciplinary environment, both in research and practical activity. As part of RIMOND, she anticipates a diverse range of working activities related to integrated building engineering.

She has grown experience in structural engineering and assessment of building and user energy demand. She is working on building energy Digital Twins, evaluating user behaviour through monitoring-simulation data analysis, and developing digitalized and model frameworks conceived as “digital bridges” between BIM and simulation environments. These models and procedures are developed and tested for real design applications as well as conducted as scientific systematic activities in the context of research programs (i.e. EU Horizon2020, Horizon Europe, Life) and scientific papers.

Her current mission is to scale the application of her experience to the creation of energy communities, assessing, and optimizing their energy flow shared by the consumers and prosumers. Finally, Ivana is determined to embark on a path of research expansion encompassing urban regeneration initiatives including social housing and positive energy districts.

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