Sebastian von Hofacker

MD, Academic Director, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, The Norwegian Dignity Centre

Sebastian von Hofacker started his medical career in anaesthesiology and pain medicine in Hamburg, Germany. In the late 90s, he became interested in the holistic approach of Palliative medicine. Von Hofacker teamed up with one of the Norwegian protagonists in this medical field and engaged in implementing hospice care for the elderly.

After many years in interdisciplinary, specialized palliative care as a clinician, leader, facilitator, and clinical ethicist he is now leading an interdisciplinary team at the Dignity Centre, a foundation, and a national centre of excellence, which works towards dignified ageing for all. Von Hofacker cherishes the creativity of his – often – interdisciplinary co-workers and feels privileged to work with architects and a psychologist on the “Nursing the Care” project.

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