Global Architecture Exchanges (GAE) @ UIA2023

The Global Architecture Exchanges (GAE) started in 2020 as an online series of talks, on topics relevant and common to architects from across the world, which aim to explore how universal challenges are treated in various countries.

Join us during the UIA World Congress in Copenhagen in July 2023 for an in-person event, which will feature speakers from Europe, Asia, North and South America, on the topic of Carbon and Beyond: How do we address embodied and operational carbon in our attitude designs for the built environment, what else needs to be considered, e.g. community and an unknown and uncertain future.

Chair: Simon Allford, RIBA President


  • Total duration: 90 minutes
  • 6 to 7 participating institutes.
  • One speaker from each participating institute.
  • Each speaker has c. 6 min 40 sec, with a slide approximately every 20 seconds giving approximately 20 slides in the allocated time.
  • The purpose of such format is to create imagery and efficient use of spoken words for a seamless, memorable, meaningful and concise presentation for the audience.
  • 45 to 50 minutes presentations (depending of number of speakers).
  • Q&A session – 30 to 45 minutes.

The GAE are a partnership between the Royal Institute of British Architects; the American Institute of Architects; the Architectural Society of China; the Australian Institute of Architects; Royal Institute of Dutch Architects; the Council of Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil; the Japan Institute of Architects; the Korean Institute of Architects; the New Zealand Institute of Architects; the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland.


More speakers to come…