Rebuilding Quality of Life Within the Planetary Boundaries

Sustainable rebuilding is a global challenge, though the local challenges vary enormously in scale, character, and severity. Common for every rebuilding challenge is that we need to rebuild with a different understanding of necessity and quality of life.

With climate change, the epidemic of lifestyle diseases, and rural areas being challenged by emigration of people and resources, the western world is slowly realizing that the stability and privileges it has come to expect are no longer guaranteed. Meanwhile, in the global south, climate change already hits harder, extenuating extreme floods and droughts and increasing well-known challenges of inequality, displacement, and poverty.

At the same time, reservoirs of knowledge in societies with histories of instability can inspire others to learn to live in times of change and upheaval. While the impacts of the challenges of our time hit differently depending on both geography and wealth, strategies for rebuilding can benefit from an international exchange of ideas, knowledge, and resources.

In this session we’ll discuss ways in which we can learn from one another, with the ambition that a global understanding of our shared resources might also lead to a new understanding of basic needs, human rights, and quality of life.

This session is linked to the Rebuilding Pavilion and is a part of the Realdania Talks, a series of sessions sponsored by the philanthropic association Realdania.



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