Roadmap for Decarbonizing Cities

The roadmap for decarbonized cities

Skyscrapers, traffic jams, shopping malls and air conditioners. It is not hard to see why cities account for two-thirds of global energy consumption and more than 70% of annual global carbon emissions. With more than half of the world population living in cities today – a number expected to increase to almost 70% in 2050, we will not reach the goals of the Paris agreement without a deep decarbonization of cities.

Cities offer some of the best possibilities to optimize urban planning and accelerate a green transition, and there is feasible and cost-efficient technology out there capable of cutting emissions sufficiently to meet global climate goals.

This event will present and discuss:

  • The data behind decarbonizing cities
  • The architect’s role in decarbonizing cities
  • Planning the decarbonized city

The zero-emission construction site of the future

Zero emissions construction sites until recently seemed unattainable, but market innovations are gathering speed and changing the construction industry. Many cities around the world are now prioritizing different ways to reduce emissions and pollution from the construction sector. However, the pace needs to increase instantly if we are to reach global climate goals.

This event will present and discuss:

  • The data behind and the solutions available for decarbonizing the construction site
  • Drawing the roadmap for decarbonizing construction


Sarah O’Dwyer

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, Welsh School of Architecture Cardiff University; Vice-Chair of the RIAI Sustainability Task Force; Ireland


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