Anna Kyrii

Architect, Deputy Chairwoman of Architectural Chamber of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine

Graduated the faculty of architecture of the National Academy of fine arts and architecture Kyiv, specialty – architect-artist. Graduated with honors, 2003. From 1998 to 2000 worked as an architect in the National reserve “KievPechersk Lavra”, Department of underground structures. 2000 – 2002 – architect in project Institute “Kyivproject” and “KyivZDNIEP”. 2003 – 2005 working in the private design organizations as an “Architect” and “Chief architect”. 2006 – 2008 worked as a leader of project teams in construction companies.

Since 2008 – Management of own design bureau “Anna Kyrii Architectural and projecting group” LLC. The list of projects is on the website: Graduated Kyiv-Mohyla business school, MBA, 2015. A degree in management of organizations and administration of NU “KyivMohyla Academy” 2015. Post-graduate studies issued in the public of Poland in the field of management of the EU-Funded Projects within the 2021-2027 EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2016. Graduated seminars of the Aspen Institute Kyiv 2012-2021 Graduated the Ukrainian school of political studies 2016.

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