Daniel Fügenschuh

President, Austrian Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants / Coordinating Partner of the ARCH-E project

Daniel Fügenschuh is the owner of an architect’s office in Innsbruck, that was founded in London in 2000. His professional focus is the development of high-quality architectural solutions for existing, to be re-used housing. He is President of the Austrian Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants (BKZT) and a Member of the Executive Board of the Architects Council of Europe (ACE).

Enhancing the quality and use of ADC is a strong focus of his political work. He is the initiator of the Arch-E project that is coordinated by the BKZT and currently implemented with formal and informal partners all over Europe. On national level he has conducted the much-noticed re-launch of the Austrian Website on ADC – www.architekturwettbwerb.at – that is a best practise example within the Arch-E project.

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