Dominique Tessier

Architect, Co-Founder and Associate of GRZ Architecture

Architecte dplg since 1978, Bernard Kohn’s collaborator from 1979 to 1987; PAN prize-winner in 1988, independent architect: first establishment in Pré Saint-Gervais (93) 1988 to 2015, second establishment in Mayotte (976) 2001-2023 founder of DT&A sarl 2009-2018; co-founder of GRZ architecture sarl 2019-2023, president of SAS conseil, vice-president of Art Terre Mayotte.
State consulting architect 2005-2020. Teacher at ENSAPLV 1990-2004 and ENSAPB 1995-1999. Expert architect for the EU in Madagascar (2005-2008) and Tunisia (2017-2019), consulting architect for ANACT 1990-2010.

Main projects : Préfecture du Nord in Dunkirk, DDAF in Troyes, URSSAF Picardie in Amiens, CHU Louvel-Tessier in Paris, various public facilities in France, 250 housing units, schools, colleges, lycées, BTC stadium in Mayotte.

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