Giuditta Parodi

Member, UIA Community Architecture & Human Rights Work Programme

Born in Genoa in 1985, Giuditta Parodi graduated in 2011 in Architecture with a thesis on the seismic risk of cultural heritage and in 2015 in Building Engineering-Architecture with a thesis on the mechanical performance of wooden structures. In 2012 she received an honour mention in Architecture Award “Raffaele Sirica” (Second edition: Safety living and urban sustainable regeneration).

Freelance since 2012, she mainly deals with structural calculation, restoration, architectural design and energy redevelopment of existing buildings. She collaborates with various studies in the field of structural design. She has created structures in the industrial sector and in the field of recovery and enhancement of properties subject to a monumental constraint. Since 2021 she has been councillor to the Architects’ Order of Genoa as referent of the internationalization committee.

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