Izabela Świątek

Deputy Mayor, Pleszew, Poland

Izabela Świątek – educationist, local government official, practitioner.

Deputy Mayor of Pleszew with a range of responsibilities which include the organisation of and financing social support and education. Author of a number of internal programmes, analyses and strategies. Educationist with over 20-years’ experience in education management and teaching children and young people.

Co-author of the 15-minute town idea who has been developing and introducing its foundations for a few years with specific emphasis on the development of peripheral areas, the issue of depopulation and demographic trends, effects of youth migration and life quality of local residents.

Initiator of local projects, educational and social programmes, responsible for the dynamic development of local schools and kindergartens. Promotes active learning methods based on the recognition of human potential of an individual and the development of the skills of the future. Constantly seeking new inspirational challenges concentrating on strategic and organizational fields. Creates projects in cooperation with local communities and leaders.

Graduate of Executive MBA, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences.

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