Jakob Strømann-Andersen

Director, Innovation and Sustainability, Partner, Henning Larsen

Jakob holds an MSc and PhD in Architectural Engineering and is a LEED Accredited Professional and DGNB Certified Auditor specializing in healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient design. He is a Partner and Director of the Innovation and Sustainability Department at Henning Larsen, which develops innovative solutions in sustainable design. Jakob’s research revolves around the interaction between engineering, architecture, and modern technology and how integrated design can form the basis of sustainable cities and buildings.

Most recently, he has headed the development of the new GeoPlant Database – a shared web-based application that will incorporate geo-location and performance criteria of plants; Urban Decarb – a tool that helps us make faster and better use of deep carbon knowledge on an urban scale; and the Green Facade – a fully integrated solution equipped with sensors that will measure its CO2 absorption, water consumption, collected rainwater, and noise and temperature reduction in the street environment.

Furthermore, Jakob manages Henning Larsen’s unique PhD program—which co-hosts PhD candidates with co-sponsoring institutions—in various R&D projects based on specific Henning Larsen case studies. Four ongoing PhD projects are underway in the department, including integrated acoustics simulations, lighting design in learning environments, design for disassembly of facades, and anthropological studies focusing on knowledge sharing in common spaces.


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