Line Barfod

Mayor, Technical and Environmental Affairs, City of Copenhagen

Line Barfod is Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs at the City of Copenhagen and is Head of the Technical and Environmental Committee.

The Technical and Environmental Administration governs matters in Copenhagen Municipality such as infrastructure i.e., roads, bike lanes and pedestrian walks, upkeep of green urban spaces, pollution, maintenance, construction projects, disadvantaged areas, and social housing projects.

Line has represented the Municipal Council for The Red-Green Alliance and has been Mayor since January 2022. In addition, Line is Chairman of the Board at the Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company (HOFOR) and The Green Council as well as Member of the Board at the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department.

Line has a master’s degree in law from 1992 and has worked as a lawyer and partner in a private law firm for several years. She is a member of The Red-Green Alliance and represented the party as a member of the Danish parliament for ten years between 2001-2011. Moreover she has been a member of the Nordic Council from 2001-2011.

Line has a red and green political profile. Her fundamental political goals are to increase the availability of high-quality and affordable housing for people of average income, for instance through alternative housing projects such as collectives and building communities. She is working to accomplish the ambitious and necessary climate plan and ensure that the planting of trees and greening of the city is highly prioritised. Finally, she wishes to ensure that the city is developed through a democratic and transparent dialogue with the citizens of Copenhagen.

Together with the Technical and Environmental Administration, Line’s ambition is to make the City of Copenhagen, already the best cycling city in the world, even better. The goal is for even more people to choose the bicycle when going to school, work, leisure activities, or shopping.


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