Marion Waller

Director of Arsenal Pavilion, Paris

Marion Waller is the Director of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris. She has previously worked as advisor to the Mayor of Paris, in charge of architecture, patrimony, urban landscape, green spaces and funerary issues, as well as for the Deputy Mayor in charge of urban planning Jean-Louis Missika and has helped deploy “Reinventing Paris”, the international call for innovative urban projects that was then exported to other global cities.

She is an urbanist and a philosopher specialized in environmental studies and has published her first book in 2016, “Artefacts Naturels”, about ecological restoration and ways of “reinhabiting” nature. She teaches urban controversies at Sciences Po Paris and Environmental Philosophy at the Université Paris Est. In 2021 she has received the European Talent Award for real estate professionals aged 40 or under by the Urban Land Institute.

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