Otis Sloan Wood

PhD Student, Royal Danish Academy

Otis is an architect and PhD fellow from the UK as well as teaching assistant on the Architecture and Extreme Environments master’s programme at the Royal Danish Academy. His current PhD research focuses on how building design can reduce mosquito borne diseases in hospitals in Zanzibar.

He has worked on projects across Africa, Asia and Europe, exploring how the built environment can be designed to improve human and planetary health. From 2018 to 2021, he helped coordinate the design and construction of 110 prototype houses in rural Tanzania as part of the Star Homes Project; examining the potential of housing to improve family health.

Otis has a passion for using natural materials in innovative ways, and has worked on the design of a bamboo farmhouse, a hempcrete extension to a 300 year old pub and co-founded House 4 House, an award-winning construction toy made from sustainable materials. In addition to this, he has also contributed to articles for a variety of academic journals and architectural short films under ArchiShorts.

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