William Korte

Deputy Chairman, The Danish association of Youth With Disabilities (SUMH)

William Korte is a dedicated disability advocacy on personal, peer and policy levels & Educator, speaker and Chair of SUMH.
For several years during his teenage years, William encountered a quite unjust world. He experienced how his disability, in combination with society and culture, created a lot of bumps on the road in his life. He realized first hand, that not all people have the same opportunities.

William has chosen to dedicate his life to helping those who are involuntarily left behind while the societal train runs away at an ever-increasing pace. His dedication shines through, as an avid disability spokesperson, as well as in an educational choice to become a primary school teacher, where his focus is on children and young people with special needs or kids in vulnerable situations. He dreams of a society where no one is left behind

William uses his courage, drive, and a sense of justice to create positive and developmental changes for young people with disabilities in society. He feels that he can work towards this goal as chairman of SUMH and boardmember of the Danish Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. These platforms make it possible for him to create positive changes and disseminate them further in society. Finally, it should be said that he is incredibly passionate about meditation and mindfulness – hence he has a natural interest in the mental health of all.

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