Leroy Cheng & Vanessa Ma

Founders, Project: As If_

With the enthusiasm in probing into the social connections between the cultural realm and built environment, the two young architects Leroy Cheng and Vanessa Ma, who have worked in renowned international offices after graduated from their master degrees in Architecture in The University of Hong Kong, recently founded Project: As If_, and have been collaborating in architectural projects for years.

They have attempted to experiment on different forms of media to embody their innovations and aspirations through hybrid forms of representations, including a funded research in exploring the notion of Objecthood via collection, archival and transactional practices within the context of Hong Kong and South East Asia at large; a shortlisted experimental cinematic capturing the metropolitan interpretations of the historical scatters and cultural legacy behind the often-forgotten islands in Hong Kong; and several recognized conceptual design projects of visuals inspired by their interests in the tension between sustainability and development need.

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