Oleksandr Chyzhevskyi

Architect, President, National Union of Architects of Ukraine

Oleksandr Chyzhevskyi, the president of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, was born in 1956. In 1979, he graduated with honours from the architectural faculty of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. For almost 40 years, he worked at the Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Civil Engineering, which he has headed for the last 18 years. Developed or led the development of residential and civil construction projects: multi-story and manor houses, public buildings and religious buildings, and master plans of villages and cities in different regions of Ukraine. Currently, he heads a Research and Design private enterprise that develops projects for multi-story residential buildings in the suburbs of Kyiv and implements spatial planning urban projects for the Hromadas of territorial municipalities in all regions of Ukraine. Author of scientific works and regulatory documents in the field of architecture.

For 16 years, he was the publisher and editor-in-chief of the architectural and construction magazine Osobnyak. For a long time, he taught at the architectural faculties of various higher educational institutions.

Doctor of Philosophy (candidate) of Architecture (1989), Honored Architect of Ukraine (1996), laureate of the State Award of Ukraine in the field of architecture (2007).

Vice-president of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine from 2008-2020. Since 2020 – President of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.

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