Maria José Gomes Feitosa

Architect & Director, UIA Public Spaces Work Programme

Maria José Gomes Feitosa is Director of the UIA Public Spaces Work Programme. She is a Brazilian Architect, Urban Planner, Professor and Researcher. She graduated in Brazil. (Master in Heritage from the Federal University of Bahia, Doctorate from the University of São Paulo in Urban Environment Structure) and Post-Doctorate – PhD from the University of Aveiro – Portugal. She is a longstanding member of the Institute of Architects of Brazil. She has been teaching at several Faculties of Architecture and Urbanism since 1986.

Maria Feitosa is currently working on urban projects (national and international research) in China, Portugal and Brazil. She has published several books and articles She was Director UIA – WP: Heritage (2011-2014), Member WP: Tourism (2015-2017), Director WP: Public Spaces (2017-2021) and (2021-2023). In International Council of Portuguese Language- CIALP, she was General Secretary (2007-2010) and Vice-President (2010-2013).

UIA Public Spaces Work Programme

Public space is like an open space, that induces the communication among the users. It has several alternatives: can walk freely, having each one the right of going and coming,…
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