Anju Malla Pradhan

Architect, UIA Council Member Region IV

Anju Malla is a Nepali Architect, a Council member of Region IV, UIA & the Immediate Past President of the Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA). She is the first woman to have held this position (2019-2021) after serving as Vice President (2017-2019) and Chairperson of SONA Subcommittee on Professional Practice (2014-2017). She launched the Women in Architecture forum and organized the first national conference in December 2019. She volunteered in earthquake reconstruction work and advocated for heritage issues. She has served as jury member of national and international (Asia) design competitions. She is a member of the Independent monitoring and verification team for Nepal Health Infrastructure DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.) for DFID, and is supervising B. Arch Thesis, Conservation Studio & Design Studio classes.

She has authored several articles and was editor of PRAXIS, a magazine dedicated to art, architecture & the environment. She is working with locally sourced materials to design and build sustainable projects always giving priority to local skills which support livelihoods of the mass in rural settings which helps sustain local economy in small developing nations. She is an active member of the UIA’s “Heritage and Culture work program”.

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